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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hangover from alcohol 10 remedies

The hangover is a common problem if alcohol abuse is common at every holiday party. Try 10 remedies that get rid of it in 10 minutes.

Hangover symptoms are caused by dehydration, combined with lower levels of vitamins and minerals in the body. To eliminate hangover, it is important to give your body the nutrients that excessive alcohol consumption has decreased. Be aware at alcoholism and alcohol addiction. So a little below we have 10 remedies that help you get quickly on your feet in 10 minutes.

Coffee and water

Coffee is a classic remedy for migraine associated hangover, but also a strong diuretic that will continue dehydration. Make sure you drink at least two glasses of water for every cup of coffee that should get back you quickly.


Exercise helps to eliminate toxins from the body quickly and cause your thirst. It can be very difficult to mobilize to make the move in such moments, but it is an effective treatment for hangover.

Tea for problems kidney and liver teas for you

You too call on healing power of medicinal teas when you face problems? Learn more about the therapeutic action of different plants and how can they improve your health!

In severe disease requires medical opinion!
In case of serious problems that have been diagnosed by a physician is recommended to ask for opinions before taking a long herbal tea to avoid any side effects.

Inform yourself about contraindications!
Also, you should inform yourself about each tea contraindications before administering.

Respect how to prepare!
It is essential to follow manner and doses required for a specific tea preparation is not expected that effect and avoid side effects.

Do not drink more tea, unless your doctor has prescribed!
Do not consume industrial quantities of tea, unless you were advised by your doctor. In cases of milder disease, meets the quantity indicated on the package.

Here are five teas that can help if needed!

Pleural cancer and malignant mesothelioma

Malignant mesothelioma is a cancer that develops in the pleura that surrounds many of the body organs, mesothelioma. It is usually caused by exposure to asbestos. The most common location is the pleura, but can also be found to the peritoneum, pericardium or vaginalis tunic.

Alcoholism treatment and acohol addiction

Alcoholism treatment success depends primarily on identifying and accepting that a person has a problem with excessive alcohol consumption. Supportive treatment such as psychological counseling may be useful in the treatment of alcoholism.
Alcoholism treatment must take into account the psychological identification of alcohol addiction in this case treatment is based mainly on psychotherapy. Alcoholics should stop drinking at this point the need to treat withdrawal symptoms (tremor increased, dizziness, psychomotor agitation). Along with treating these symptoms is necessary to find efficient methods to try to maintain abstinence from alcohol.

In some cases, when withdrawal symptoms are severe and do not disappear after a certain period it is necessary to administer adjuvant drug treatment, detoxification.

Immune system 5 anti flu or anti grippe tips

Some believe only in the power of anti flu or anti grippe vaccine, others in immune system through natural treatments, but there are some simple tricks sense gestures that keep you away from cold and flu without you inject or get stuffed with pills, whether and plants. So below i tell you 5 anti flu or anti grippe tips and advices that avert flu and grippe cold.

Wash your hands whenever you need
Most times, most viruses responsible for colds and flu are transmitted through direct contact. Your sick person colleague sneezes with palm to her mouth, then grab the toilet doorknobs, refrigerator handles in the office kitchen or other areas of common use.

No longer you need do for a quick illness. So use plenty of soap and water after contact with these surfaces. Before you get your hands on the nose or mouth ...

Well foods that warm you in cold

Cold outside emaciated you all? You do not have energy and look for a solution to put you back on track? It is not a problem if you consume some of healthy foods that warm you.

Eat healthy foods that give you warm and your zest for life!

I'm sure you're tired to dress thicker to handle the cold weather outside. However, I have good news for you! Forget the heavy clothes of neck sweaters that if you take air and eat more foods that support your body and energy now in winter. What's their secret?

Well, there are foods that stimulate blood circulation, relaxes muscles and give you the energy you need so much.

So I invite you to find out which are the most efficient effect heating food.

Signs that you keep an inappropiate diet

In the past of few weeks i have saw a lot of girls and womens who were complained because of their inappropiate diet. So i decide to overcome this with simple signs that you keep an inappropiate diet. Very few of us go to the nutritionist for customized diets, most of them keep "by ear" beguiled us with positive results of other women. Here are five signs that the diet chosen is not liking your body.

You radically change your eating habits
You big fan of steaks with fries and sweets, stopping suddenly at a raw-vegan diet? No wonder you feel so bad! Changes in diet are made gradually, not overnight, otherwise your body perceives as a punishment decision.

Can you take care of a sick person whithout getting sick?

Can you take care of a sick person whithout getting sick? It also says anti-flu and cold warnings to avoid crowded places. But what do you do when the virus exist even in your house? When your husband, the child, a parent or person with whom you live got sick? Can you take care of them and at the same time to protect yourself and you? Yes, you can. It is however difficult because the flu virus - whether seasonal or H1N1 - is transmitted easily. If you touch an infected object (a door handle, phone, ship) and then touch your face, you get sick too. Therefore, great caution! The first step is to get vaccinated, but as there is no guarantee that the vaccine protect you 100% of the disease, you have to keep viruses away from you and increase your resistance to infection. Here is how:

1. Wash, wash, wash your hands!
Wash your hands as soon as you touch an object that was in the hands of the sick person. Rub your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds, and rinse thoroughly. Antibacterial soaps offer no more protection than regular soap. Patient room, it's good to be next door for a bottle antibacterial hand gel, which use it whenever leaving the room.

You need walking by feet therapy

In the century of the Internet and the smart phones, our greatest pleasures are us laying on the couch, to handle mouse and remote control button. Forgetting that the road to good health can be beaten only on two feet walking ... little below i present you a little knwon therapy by a simple walk also you got a benefit from walk, you can tone your muscles. Walking as a therapy who ever was think about that?

Throughout the day, we sit down more than practicing bipedal walking, and that's not a good thing. Inactivity is the disease of this age in which technology has grown and there is no need to go anywhere on your feet to get you everything you need. Consequences? Articulations are stiffened, lazy blood circulation, overgrown extra pounds you nor psyche does not feel at ease because depression, neuroses, indecision, lack of ability to concentrate is installed when physical activity is empty.

Low glycemic index foods diet good for muscle

Hello people, let me introduce you low glycemic index foods dietgood muscle foods, for muscle energy and recovery during exercices, good diet foods for muscles energy. When you lose weight quickly, muscles are the first who lose weight, therefore it is recommended that during weight loss diet, doing more exercise, which keep muscle tone and by the consumption of massive energy body in the layer fat melts. If you want to force your weight loss program, rely up on a diet rich in nitrate, a compound that increases muscle strength. Here's what to eat, food list and especially when namely:

Milk chocolate
Good for muscle recovery. Chocolate is a good snack. It helps muscle recovery after exercise. The milk is the best remedy for tired muscles, preventing and muscle soreness. This is the preferred energy drink for athletes, as it is a low-fat, but it helps to be more tonic muscles the next workout.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Diet food for good mood

Good mood foods depression diet for every woman that is angry moody or even depressed, for today i will talk about a diet with good mood food, so a little below we have a lot of diets with healthy food for every mood. When you're angry, moody, restless and feel like you can not focus, it's time for a change: Get more rest and take a diet to boost your spirit and mind.

If you feel stressed or maybe you have a depression
Eat: yogurt and almonds
Together, these foods provide the organism lysine and arginine, two amino acids that are helpful in tense situations. Tuna, chicken, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, ricotta are also sources of amino acids and helps to reduce stress.

Bomb from optimism:

Alcohol addiction centres people looking for treatment

Most adults who consume alcohol know how and when to consume alcohol, however there are other people who can not to control these bad habits of alcohol addiction, so most of use are looking for alcohol treatment centers and alcohol rehab centers.

Approximately a number of 3 adults per 10 consume irrational alcohol and have problems because of it. Any person who is unable to control excessive appetite for alcohol, it is possible to suffer from alcoholism or alcohol addiction.

Alcohol abuse is acquiring dangerous and even unhealthy habits related to alcohol consumption, meaning excessive or inappropriate consumption.

Alcohol addiction has an unpleasant social impact, often meeting with other people of the entourage can become unpleasant due to this habit. In some cases it may also have legal implications, such as driving under the alcohol influence. If alcohol addiction is not treated properly, most times it leads to chronic alcoholism.

Mesothelioma test diagnosis of cancer

Blood test that accelerate the mesothelioma diagnosis

Hello guys, i've read about cancer in the last few days so i will come back with a new form of diagnosis cancer disease, asbestos cancer mesothelioma, about cancer mesothelioma diagnosis, asbestos and mesothelioma symptoms. I hope you find this a useful reaserch for some of you with treatment for this form of cancer.
New findings regarding the mesothelioma treatment and mesothelioma diagnosis of malignant pleural mesothelioma were presented at European Conference as the third Lung Cancer in Geneva. Malignant pleural mesothelioma is a rare tumor associated with exposure to asbestos.

Currently, the diagnosis is established by analyzing the patient's symptoms for mesothelioma, imaging investigations, but is only confirmed by pleural biopsy and histopathology. Patients go to the doctor to go dyspnea due to pleural effusion or because of chest pain. In order to confirm a cancer diagnosis of mesothelioma, the patient should be the subject of a biopsy. Histopathological examination can determine the type of mesothelioma (epithelial, most frequently, sarcomas and mixed). However, the result is sometimes ambiguous. Markers found in blood are now able to help diagnose mesothelioma (protein? Mezotelina or related serum osteopontin). However, sometimes the results are not clear, and the diagnosis is much delayed decrease life expectancy is longer. Thus, researchers have focused on finding rapid diagnostic methods.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Face masks recipes for skin

Masks for skin problems or face skin disease

Wrinkled skin masks and face
- 1 egg yolk + milk jelly (0.10 g) - after removing the mask apply warm compress for 5 minutes followed by a cold one.
- Wax (10g) + honey (10g) + juice of onion bulbs (10g) + juice of lily bulbs (10g).
Wax melts the bath water with honey from adding juices.
- Cottage cheese Fresh (3 teaspoons) + honey (1 teaspoon)
- Boiled potatoes (100g) + 1 egg yolk + milk.
Mix potatoes with egg yolks and add a little milk until a homogeneous paste

Masks for irritated skin and face
- Wheat bran (10g) + kaolin (10g) + honey (5g) + milk
Bran is mixed with kaolin. Honey is diluted with milk, stir.
- Juice of cucumber (100g) + kaolin

You or patient can cope with cancer diagnosis

Cancer diagnosis is an important challenge, whether it is a child or an adult. The patient it is good to remember that regardless of prognosis or worries and makes, there are resources and strategies to cope with these tests easier.

Here are some suggestions for patients with cancer diagnosis:

1. Education
It's good that patient or parent of a sick child to learn everything they can about the disease - cancer type, stage and risks involved and treatment options and their side effects. The more you know, the more able to engage in decision-making. Besides talking to your doctor, it is best to seek information in books or on the Internet.

2. The activity
Although you may feel tired and discouraged, you should not let the others - such as family members or doctors - to take important decisions in place. It is vital that the patient take an active role in its treatment.

3. Maintaining a strong support system
A strong support system and a positive attitude can help make the patient attempts to cope with the disease. Although friends and family can be the best allies, they can sometimes have problems in coping with illness of the person loved. For the patient support groups are available to patients with the same diagnosis, and they can be very helpful.

Hemoblobin deficiency of red blood cells Anemia

Anemia is the reduction of total circulating amount of functional hemoglobin. In practice does not takes into account the possible variations of plasma volume, such as anemia is defined as a decrease in hemoglobin concentration of peripheral blood in women under 12 grame/100 ml or 13 grams / liter in men.

The main types of anemia are:

- Folic acid deficiency anemia
- Vitamin b12 deficiency anemia
- Iron deficiency anemia (by iron deficiency)
- Anemia of liver cirrhosis

Anemia classification is made based on:

Quotes and terms to ensure a healthiest life or insurance

Remember that nobody will care about your health or your health insurance if you are not interested in this minor, but also very important thing for your health insurance.

Health is like money, we will never have a true idea of ​​its value until we lose it. (Josh Billings)

Each man is the author of his own health or disease. (Buddha)

True happiness lies, first of all, in health. (George William Curtis)

Health is not merely the absence of disease. (Hannah Green)

Health lies in peace with temperament (Alexander Pope)

To want to be healthy is a part of health (Seneca)

The disease occurs first in the soul, and mind only after in body. Cure the soul If you want to be healthy.

You value health only when you don't have it.

You pay a fortune for health insurance when instead you can spend very little to ensure your own health insurance.

"To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." - Buddha
"The prime goal is to alleviate suffering, and not to prolong life. And if your treatment does not alleviate suffering, but only prolongs life, that treatment should be stopped." - Christiaan Barnard
"It's not at all good when your cancer is 'palpable' from the outside. Especially when, as at this stage, they didn't even know where the primary source was. Carcinoma works cunningly from the inside out. Detection and treatment often work more slowly and gropingly, from the outside in." - Christopher Hitchens